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The WellBee’ing Lodge

The WellBee’ng Lodge is located in Abbey wood South East London SE2.

I , Joanne Parslow , am registered with the NCPS and I hold Professionally Accredited membership ; I am a qualified Psychotherapist, Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. I am the Lead Practitioner at the WellBee’ing’ing Lodge which is my Private Practice. At the WellBee’ing Lodge we all work safely, professionally and ethically . I also supervise and manage the day to day ru... Read more

What we offer at the WellBee’ing Lodge

The numerous advantages of counselling and therapy . It gives us a safe place where we explore our emotional difficulties or life struggles, Therapy can be short or long term.; Tailored to your individuaul needs , offering different approaches and combining different theories. 


This theory looks at how your past , particularly your childhood impacts the present. From developmental stages and development of se... Read more

My Facilities

My facilities provide a warm and welcoming environment for counselling and support. I have put a lot of thought into what it means to be a client and I have designed my facilities accordingly to feel safe and calming – I want you to feel comfortable as I help you through a difficult process. Rest assured, you're in good hands.

Change acceptance & live

Awareness is the first step in healing. 


31 Reviews

Dee Grant

14 January 2024

14 January


Joanne is the first counsellor I’ve ever had and really changed my perspective on counselling. She provided a safe space for me to explore issues and always mad...
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Natalie Detnon

11 December 2023

11 December


I would highly recommend going to The WellBee'ing Lodge to anyone in need of couples therapy. Mike has made both me and my husband feel so welcome and we felt g...
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Therapy Prices

Therapy Prices
Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is 1 hour 

Student & CYP Therapy

This includes Children,, People in Full time Education Counselling Students.


Wifi on the premises
By appointment only
Private & Confidential
Individual, Family, CYP Therapy available.
A short walk from public transport
Street Parking available
Free initial phone call to discuss your therapy options
You can choose the therapy that you would like